Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Importance of School Morale

Effective learning requires a heavy dose of teacher enthusiasm! When hiring teachers, schools look for enthusiasm as an important – maybe imperative – characteristic in the applicants. Without an enthusiastic leader in the classroom, learning will be poor to average at best.

Successful grade level or content teams do not happen by accident. These teams become successful because of their contagious high levels of enthusiasm. When given a choice, an educator who truly cares about their performance and wants to perform at a high level of professionalism will choose to be an engaged participant of an enthusiastic team. The educator makes this choice because they know that when a high level of enthusiasm is combined with optimum performance the result is improvement in their trade.

When a teacher performs better (this is evidenced by learning occurring in the classroom at a high rate), that teacher experiences less stress, better health, and better attendance. On a school-wide level, all of these factors contribute to high staff retention and maintaining focus on specific school goals.

When a school experiences the aforementioned high level of morale, the school becomes easier to manage for the instructional leader and more productive overall. That school becomes a place where students, parents, and teachers want to be and a place all are proud to claim as their own.

_____Phil Baca